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Welcome back! Glad that you are still with me. For those who have just joined me, welcome!! Do follow me so that you will not missed out on my e-walk in LV (Las Vegas not Louis Vuitton).

Still on the Strip, heading towards the end of Stratosphere Tower Hotel and Casino.

Further down, saw a row of shops with old structure that caught my eyes; old Pepsi Cola building with cute cartoon on it.


Wow… that’s a huge coke bottle. Anyone wanna share with me? LOL!! That’s goes too with the M&M. =)


Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino. Lovely deco.


Further down was Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino that comes along with the Eiffel Tower


If I recall, this is in interior of Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino…..


Lemonade anyone? I bet you can ‘buy’ a glass at 10c now.


Another shot of Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

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