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Near the main road, about 75km north of Dush towards Kharga City, are the ruins of Qasr el-Zayyan, one of the largest and most important ancient settlements in Kharga Oasis.

Fortress & Temple at Qasr el-Zayyan

One of the chain of fortresses built during Ptolemaic and Roman times, the settlement was known in ancient times as Takhoneourit, meaning ‘The Great Well’, which the Greeks called Tchonemyris. Tchonemyris was the associated settlement, a little to the west of the fortress. This was until recently unexcavated, but there seems to have been some clearance work in recent years and the settlement too has high mudbrick walls.

Settlement site

Tchonemyris was obviously of great importance as a major water source in antiquity and would have been a place where travellers would stop to rest or spend the night. A major desert route ran from the town of Esna to Qasr el-Zayyan during Roman times. On the road from Dush to the…

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