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At Nadura, whose name means ‘The Lookout’, remains of a temple once enclosed within a Roman fortification are strategically perched high on a hilltop about 1.5km north-east of the centre of el-Kharga. From the top of the hill there are spectacular views over the Oasis with the monuments of Hibis Temple and el-Bagawat cemetery clearly seen in the distance.

View from Nadura Fortress

The settlement of Nadura is now buried and the two temples of the village are badly ruined, but the southern entrance wall of the main temple can still be seen on top of the hill.

The Roman fortress at Nadura

The main temple was built during the rule of Hadrian and Antoninus Pius during the 2nd century AD. A sandstone gate in the southern crumbling enclosure wall fronts a courtyard which contained the three rooms of the temple. Another smaller entrance was through the northern wall. Remains of the pronaos on the western side of the…

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