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Meir lies at the edge of the cultivation, about 50km north-west of Asyut. The modern town of el-Qusiya, about 8km to the east of Meir, probably derives its name from the ancient Qis, classical Cusae during Graeco-Roman times. Although Qis was capital of the 14th Upper Egyptian nome, there are few remaining traces of the ancient town. It was in the necropolis at Meir that the provincial rulers, or nomarchs of the region were buried in tombs high in the hillside, with the more humble population further down the slope.

The Necropolis at Meir

Meir has had little archaeological attention since the tombs were first published by Aylward Blackman for the Egypt Exploration Fund in 1914 and then excavated by Sayed Pasha Kabasha in 1919. Reisner described model boats found at Meir and Daressy produced a study of the coffins. Since then the area has been fairly inaccessible to tourists but recently several of…

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