Madinet Madi “Faiyoum

Egyptian Monuments

Medinet Madi, one of the most important archaeological sites of the Faiyum region is situated 30km south-west of Medinet el-Faiyum. Its modern name means ‘city of the past’ and in Graeco-Roman times it was known as ‘Narmouthis’. Excavators have discovered two separate towns at the site, but today the main monument at Medinet Madi is a small temple dedicated to Sobek, Horus and the serpent-goddess Renenutet, founded during the reigns of Amenemhet III and IV during Dynasty XII.

Sphinxes at Medinet Madi

The temple remains are in a well-preserved condition, probably due to its isolated location, but are ever threatened by the encroaching sands of the desert. The inner chambers are the oldest part of the structure which is one of the few surviving monuments of the Middle Kingdom, a rare example of architecture from this period. A small columned hall leads to three shrines which contained statues of deities and the two kings…

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