Egyptian Monuments

Qasr el-Sagha

Above the northern shore of Birket Qarun, in a now deserted and inhospitable area at the foot of the desert escarpment towards Gebel Qatrani, is a small uninscribed temple known locally as Qasr el-Sagha. The site can be reached via a track from Kom Ushim, and is about 25km from the main road. A 4×4 vehicle and a guide is recommended for this visit.

In remote antiquity a forest grew on the escarpment north of the site – petrified remains can still be seen and it is thought that Birket Qarun (ancient Lake Moeris) once extended its northern shore close to the temple in the days when the lake was much larger. Qasr el-Sagha rests on a level platform on the side of the escarpment and was first published by Schweinfurth in 1892 and visited later by Petrie.

The date of the temple is a source of debate…

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