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Most really smart people right out of college grow only 10%/year.  That is WAY TOO SLOW for a 22-year-old.  If you are old like me (and presumably have a have base), 10%/year is great but at 22 one should be growing at at least 25%/year.

Most people grow way too slowly because their rate of failure is too low.

If you were trying to improve your tennis game, you should not be playing against my 13-month-old son.  You are going to cream him every time.  And while that might make you feel good temporarily, it will not improve your game. 

You grow the most when you have a 33-66% chance of failure.  To improve, you want to be in a position where success is not guaranteed. When success is difficult to attain, people push themselves much harder.  Too often, people (especially recent grads) are put into jobs that they will definitely succeed at.  If you are playing chess, you’ll learn the most playing people within 100 points of your score (in the chess Elo ranking, a 100 point difference means a 2-to-1 advantage). 

For your job, you should find an organization that will give you projects where there is a high chance of failure.

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