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SASKATOON – A Saskatchewan girl is helping underprivileged children with their education in a developing country.

It all started a couple years back when Taylor DeVos, 12, was watching a World Vision commercial on TV.

“I got inspired by them and wanted to help and for my tenth birthday that’s all I wanted, to sponsor a child from Haiti because they just got a huge earthquake,” said Devos.

Her parents came through on her birthday wish and Taylor chose Mesline to sponsor online.

The two kids developed a relationship over letters and DeVos learned more about Haiti and the living conditions there.

While perusing a catalogue, Taylor found out she could give more by building schools.

She then set her sights on fundraising. With the help of her family, they started the website, “1 Kids Making a Difference”, where she blogs her journey and accepts donations.

“Social Media…

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