Those who do not have experience of data analysis always face difficulty where to start, what to look at in the beginning.

Sometime you repeat trials without knowing where you are heading for, and end up with “useless” results.

It is caused mainly due to lack of effective VIEWs for the analysis.

While there are many views, practically the two common view will help you where to look in your data:

(1) “Trend” view

You may find a certain spot where the trend changes. It may be a point to drill down to find more details.

(2) “Snap-shot” view

Once you find the time spot to focus in the trend view, you may “drill” down the data by breaking the data by some categories(eg. time/place/customer etc.)


Many people are lacking either one of the views and lose the way to a right solution. You may need both views in most of the cases.

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