Work is my joy

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Sunset over the Pacific - June 20, 2014 Sunset over the Pacific – June 20, 2014

Offered with respect and admiration for my son who, at 14 years old, worked his first day as a tax-paying employee yesterday. Motivated by the chance to put some cash in his pocket and the free jump time benefit of working for a new trampoline “park” he’ll be spending five summer afternoons each week twirling signs to draw attraction to his employer’s new venue.

As he officially begins his working life I pray that he always finds joy in his work; that he is nurtured, engaged and challenged by thoughtful peers and leaders; that he recognizes and embraces opportunities to  work with others to create something larger and more meaningful than anyone can do alone; and that his energy, creativity and initiative will be richly rewarded and inspire others to make an equally significant contribution to a world so desperately in need…

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