Words of wisdom


Every woman is intentional. It doesn’t matter if she was a result of an unplanned pregnancy or if she was knowingly conceived by her parents. Creation is intentional by the hands of its Creator. End of story. Her name is not “accident”. Her name is “loved”. She is known, seen, and heard in the eyes of love. Her very existence is captivating, breathtaking and beautiful. She is not wasted space. She is not just another face. She has a voice. She has a place. She is made different and that is more than okay. She is handpicked for this moment in time. She is uniquely woven through her past experiences and present convictions. Her unintended dysfunctional past makes her the perfect candidate for “changing the world”. Her “rags to riches” and “brokenness to beauty” stories become intentional. Because she is intentional, she is of utmost value. Her value was never intended to be compromised by the one who…

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