World Without Violence

Jacqueline Cioffa

What will it take to fix a broken system? Wake up people, wake up.  #NotOneMore

A pseudo famous person, used the term ‘mentally deranged,’ I take offense. The Mental Health system has failed the mentally ill, our streets, jails at over capacity. Guns, why do we need weapons of any kind?! I can buy my meat at Walmart, instead of a gun.
Society is deranged, where reality TV faces become rock stars. WAKE UP, people. Stand up. Do something. Your child’s life is in danger, not from the ‘mentally deranged’ but from a system that is failing us all.
#NotOneMore #NoEasySolution #GetInvolved #RadicalChange


The New Asylums

Since Newton, 74 more. #UnspeakableViolience #UseYourVoice #Educate #Advocate


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